Author Topic: 6" f/15 refractor vs 12.5" f/5 dob?  (Read 135 times)


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6" f/15 refractor vs 12.5" f/5 dob?
« on: December 24, 2017, 04:55:18 PM »
I'm in the planning phase of my next project I want to match my 6" f/5 reflector by allowing greater planetary perspectives and better compared to 200x magnification(my reflector is only good to about 180x).  I have a back issue so weight is my primary concern( can lift a maximum of 50 lbs).  I want this to be my final range ever.  Both primaries cost roughly the same that isn't a factor along with having a truck which could transfer either.  I have access to a wood store also.  The 6" refractor would be produced using a wooden tube on a berry mount and the 12.5" would be strong using sonotube.  Both scopes were available in a recent star party and gave the very best pictures I have seen of Saturn so I know I would be happy with either.

What would the weights be for your dob broken down, the berry mount with no tube, and also the refractor tubing separately?  Which are the celebrating heights of both?  Anyone think it is possible to move either scope after observing for a day?

Are there any other concerns I'm not thinking about yet?  I am currently leaning toward the 6" f/15 refractor since I think it would seem glorious.  We all like to look at huge refractors, am I right?  Additionally I'm worried I would not be able to lift the dob tube alone as it is so bulky.Thanks a bunch for the input and adventures,