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A visit at the children of Anton Kutter

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November 8,9 and10 Guy Wauters (telescope making Group Gent , Belgium) and i wer invited to the children of Anton Kutter. Klaus, Adrian and of course Florianne (Flori) Kutter. A visit we will never forget.
A first impression (almost 8 minutes) on youtube. More will follow the coming hours !!!
enjoy !!

Picture of the 12 inch Kutter telescope of the master himself. In the original observatory in Biberach an der Riss. (Germany)
Last time the telescope was used : 1978.... In that year Anton (Tony) Kutter got Alzheimer. The last years of his life he was completely apathetic. He died in 1985 .
The primary mirror is now in our possession to recoating.

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The first telescope made by Anton at the age of 12

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Amazing: already a schief!

Christopher Patel:
The car of Anton : Opel Admiral 1966 with only 55,000 km.
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