Author Topic: Hyperbolic mirror 10" F-2.8 with 4-elements corrector optic design for Astrograp  (Read 36 times)


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Hi all,
Haven't been here for quick a while.
After done some research in optic design, I come out with this 10" (250mm) F2.8 system.
*It has hyperbolic main mirror with cc=-2.166; ----will have it done and coated by vendor.
*It has 28% obstruct in diameter, it is pretty small considering a F2.8 visual system.
*The corrector has 4 elements in 2 groups, each group contains 2 lens, LaK and ED glass have been introducted to reduce aberration. ---- will have it done and coated by vendor.
*It has 3 degree(36mm disk) designed field of view in terms of diffraction limited. and will still have cool quality image at 5 degree edge(60mm disk).
Preliminary tolerance analysis shows it has good result, so I post the whole data here to get some advice or thoughts. Thanks for any help!