Author Topic: Is it ok to glue 3 colimation bolts directly to a 8" mirror to replace the mirro  (Read 42 times)


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One radical option I had been poking once - the "lay along" mount. Which is basically a narrow bed with the scope mounted in parallel above it (eyepiece down) on a motorized Alt/Az mountwith ellipticalAlt rails. But might be too comfy to resist sleep all night...
Oooooohhh ! NICE.
For these cold winter nights, you crawl into a sleeping bag, just in case you do nod off.
No doubt someone will object to body-heat thermals; for that you cover the bag with a space blanket !
Last problem would be the people standing in line to try it out (Hey when do I get my turn !!! Is that snoring I hear in there ??! )

Seriously I like it, it solves all the issues of observing comfort I can think of, One heck of agiant leap past standing on a ladder
Not sure about portability, but you do have me thinking