Author Topic: Laser Collimator Calibtator: quick, easy, cheap, and effective way to collimate  (Read 30 times)


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I got my new 10" Dob yesterday and assembled it last night after getting the kiddos to bed. It came with a laser collimator, so I needed to collimate that before using it to line things up in the scope. I came up with a super-simple setup.
1. Drill a 2" hole in a 2x6 (I'm sure a 2x4 would work fine; I just had the 2x6 already laying around).
2. Place the lumber in a vise or build little legs on it. I like the vise because it doesn't move or slide around.
3. Place a 2" extender tube in the hole. Mine happened to fit nice and tight; but if it didn't, you could probably wrap a strip of paper or something around the tube to keep it tight in the hole.
4. Place a 1.25" adapter in the extender.
5. Place the collimator in the adapter.
6. Aim the laser at a piece of paper on a far wall (mine happened to be abut 25' away) and mark the spot. Turn the laser a quarter turn and mark the spot. Do this until you have four spots. Just be sure your parts are all flush and tight, especially each time you turn the collimator. Otherwise, accuracy will suffer.
7. Draw a spot equidistant to the four spots (I put some cross hairs on the new center spot to make it a little easier to see).
8. Adjust your collimator's screws until it's centered on the new spot.
Quick, easy, cheap, and effective!