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Looking for a 10" F8 mirror

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Now I'm retired I have the time to build a 10" F8 OTA to your best planetary images realistically possible.

I have a 1/16th wave two" Clave' apartment for it.

How ever no one seems to sell such mirrors.

I'm in the UK and Orion Optics UK are supposed now able to create good mirrors.

Is this my best option?

Cheers.  Andrew.

Anton Yardley:
<p>Hi Andrew

I've a complete depth 10" f/8 premium mirror but you're not having that.
The maker of my mirror suggested I purchase a thinner one to aid thermal cooling.
Orion[UK] mirrors banks are thinner.  However, do they perform 'specials' to purchase?

10" f/8 makes for a fairly long OTA.  2m / 6'6" long even with a very low profile focuser on a 30cm/12" tube.
That will require a hefty equatorial mount for fast damping.
I discovered even my Fullerscope's MkIV didn't cope very well with the very long moment arm.

Manoj Jensen:
I hope you can find it. I think that will make a Great scope. I'm in the central use and for a few years, used a 12 1/2" f/8 on a homemade English yoke mount, no drive, no deep sky photos. Miss that scope.


You have hope.

Go to the classic telescope forum on CN where they have Alika Herring mirrors here and there. As you probably know Herring, besides being a true master optician was also the fabricator of those long focus newt optics, (CAVE).

That's honestly your best bet. Also run an ad on CN for WANTED
: 10" F8.There you go.


Tommy Evans:
Royce Optics make 10" f/8 mirrors, both standards and conicals, for very reasonable prices.

http://www.rfroyce.c...nd_mirrors.htmClear skies!
Thomas, Denmark


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