Author Topic: 1.25" vs 2" eyepeices  (Read 11452 times)

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1.25" vs 2" eyepeices
« on: December 24, 2017, 10:23:24 AM »
I recently learned the value of having a container to store all my accessories in.  Was visiting a playground with 2 buddies along with my Orion xt-10, along with my 25mm eyepiece dropped out.  From the time I noticed and discovered it, another car had run over it - giving it a rather un-eyepeice-like shape.

This is a 1.25" eyepiece (as are all of my eyepieces).  My range has an adapter to use 1.25 eyepieces, but might utilize 2" ones.

I find I really need to replace this one (one side I've got a 40mm plus a 17.5mm).  Is there any difference between the 1.25" and the 2" ones apart from the mounting?
Can anyone recommend which brands/models to consider/avoid which won't be crazy expensive?

Thank you