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Title: 10" Dob, Coma Question
Post by: Jon Beckner on December 24, 2017, 02:44:13 AM
Being new to dobs, I've read about a coma corrector for Advantage of Area focus, during first light I Had Been using 1.25 ES 82?? eyepieces, Can Not remember if the Border of Area was dim or Marginally Outside of focus,
I have obtained the Skywatcher truss 10, but a corrector wasn't discussed during buy.
Most of what I read has been roughly AP with a dob but some mentioned the usage of a CC for greater visual.

Is your 10" aperture boarder lineup for needing field correction in reflectors?
I really do want to up grade to a dual speed focuser, could I simply buy an ES coma corrector or how about the new ES AP acro focuser, could this work?