Author Topic: 10.1" Coulter Odyssey Compact (blue tube) - My First BIG Scope  (Read 12646 times)

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10.1" Coulter Odyssey Compact (blue tube) - My First BIG Scope
« on: December 24, 2017, 01:17:16 AM »
Hi All,

Just picked up my second extent ever!  A Coulter Odyssey Compact 10.1".  It's an dobsonian style, cheap scope from ~1984; no documentation anywhere on it states production date.  I found this on OfferUp and got it for $100.  Came with a Telerad, a mount for spotter scope, lid with off-axis holes & timber filter.  Did NOT come with eyepieces.

The vendor said that she got it from a person who I believe worked at the Mt. Wilson Observatory, out here near Los Angeles, while she was on an internship.  Don't understand any more of its history.  I will likely take this up there soon to get darker skys.  I live on the edge of LA, plus a couple of hundred feet higher than downtown, but still a fair bit of light pollution.  Can only make out the stripes on Juipter together with my additional 60mm f/16.6 Refractor (cheap-o Tasco in the '60's), which can be fun enough for my back yard.

It has definitely NOT been well cared for.  It seems to have been sitting at the sun for a number of years.  Paint is peeling back in many areas.  You can clearly make out what the paint jobutilized to look like by looking at a few of the typically covered stains.  The primary mirror is quite dusty as is the interior of the tube.

The Telerad was not working at first.   I opened it up and found there was a poor connection to the battery holder.  Some solder plus it functions again.I am a tall guy, 6'-4", and the Telerad is mounted substantially to low for me when sighting objects low in the sky.  Will think about re-locating it once I have a right-angle spotter scope to also place.

This thing is precisely what I was hoping for.  A big mirror, cheap scope.  I have a mind for enhancing things so this ideal for making additions to, or re-building.  I will clean it up and use it as is for now.  But maybe I will make substantial improvements... (I'm thinking about a hand-held motor system

I took it out Saturday night (the night after I bought it) and was pleased to have clear skys after a few overcast nights.  Rare in Los Angeles I understand.  I'd already purchased a cheap 20mm plossel, 2x barlow, and also a laser columater to get another job and was pleased to have them so I can make instant use of this big bad extent!

More details to follow as I work on it and utilize it.

Picture of extent once I got it home and did some clean up.