Author Topic: 12 inch Dob "Life time scope"?  (Read 10977 times)

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12 inch Dob "Life time scope"?
« on: December 28, 2017, 12:21:22 AM »
Hello all. Thanks for all your initial support when I first posted regarding what telescope I should consider. I had so many replies and it was so helpful and welcoming.
I have since done plenty of research and had a lot of valuable input from many members and I think I have a few questions, I still havent seen answered when researching and want your opinions
I was initially really resistant to the idea of purchasing a dobsonian and was convinced that a GEM reflector would be a better choice. My reasoning initially was that tracking would be infinitely better, and allow for all around better viewing. I also had my suspicions that maybe they were telescopes more for beginners, or those on very small budgets and surely lacking.
I discovered this wasnt the case.

Many people dont like EQ mounts and end up not using them as often, and supposedly the design can make for uncomfortable eye piece locations. Most EQ mounts are just as heavy as a dob, and can take more time to accurately set up.

I also began to notice many people were making massive dobsonians, and seemed very knowledgeable and experienced. Why would experienced people, waste there time and huge sums of money with something that would have only supply mediocre views? They wouldn't.
I think that was the most compelling evidence for me, that there was something to seriously consider.

My initial post said my max expenditures for a scope would be $700. I have sinced pushed my budget to $900-$1000 after hearing about 12 inch dobsonian telescopes specifically, and hearing from some members how it was there sweet spot all around for aperture, portability, capability, and ease of use. The two scopes im most interested in are the 12 inch Meade Lightbridge and the 12 inch tube Zhumell.

I am leaning more toward the light brigde truss, as I like the idea of being able to disassemble the telescope for storage, and I like that the primary mirror cell can be rested horizontally, in storage as opposed to the the tube dob. I also like that I can leave the truss assembled and move it from inside to outside in two pieces, like a tube.

I am hearing from others that 12 inches is supposedly when details and features really start coming in of fainter objects, and that objects beyond the Messier catalog start to be a possibility. Past 12 inches supposedly, is very difficult to manage and set up, and isnt used as much simply because of this.

What do you guys think?

My real questions.
How is the 12 inch light bridge? Anyone with any long term use have any input theyd like to add? Havent seen any long term reviews of it  All other 12 inch trusses are $1500-$2000 and im not willing to spend more than $1000 for my first scope. I HAVE to draw the line there. I know eyepieces and accessories will be more.

If im willing to spend $900-1000 Is this the best bet for my money? I really liked the idea of people saying this was a ideal aperture. I would be very pleased if my first purchased telescope, would either be my "life time scope" or atleast huge step up from 8 inch 10 inch scopes, and the best choice.

Also this video spooked me about Meade quality of the Light Bridge If you are on of those guys, and dont end up watching it (you know who you are   ), the guy takes out his primary and secondary mirror and claims that chips and scratches are quality issues, not his fault. Some things seemed suspicious about his claims, but as a beginner I really cant interpret his claims, and supposed proof that Meade has poor quality.

Thanks again for all your help, I really appreciate it and am glad people are helpful enough to give me sound advice, especially on big financial expenditures like this.