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1st post finally
« on: December 24, 2017, 06:25:33 PM »
Well I have been lurking around here some time.  If PM's counted as articles I would have well over 100.  I have purchased scopes,mounts, filters,camera, and even a Skypod off of the classifieds here.  So I know quite a few members.  Thought I would finally say hello to all.

I have a recently acquired ES 152 AR, ES127ED CF, AT8RC CF, ED80T CF, 12"Goto Dob, plus a 6" reflector.  Using Atlas mounts for many.  For astrophotography I utilize a QHY9M, along with an ATIK460EX M, along with also a Modded D5200.

I like to utilize 25x100 and 15x75 binoculars also.  I am working on creating two parallegrams to assist in viewing with the binoculars.

Learning regular and having fun.