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Title: 2" vs 1.25" EP
Post by: sdelbapaglo on December 24, 2017, 06:39:24 PM

I own a Nexstar Evolution 9.25 and that I really do exclusively visual observation on it.

I noticed that the exit entire of this scope is larger than 1.25" but smaller than two".  So my question is will I benefit in updating the star diagonal to a 2" and obtaining two" EP with this scope?
Will I gain in TFOV?  Will the image be brighter?  I understand that ultimately the maximum TFOV is inherent to the scope design but will I increase it bu updating into two" setup?

2nd question: Suppose that I decide to stick to a 1.25" set up, is it worthwhile to upgrade to a greater star diagonal that the one already provided by Celestron?

Again I just do visual and love to look at everything from planets to DSO.