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2 inch eyepiece education needed

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Dale Khan:
Hello all!  I've been lurking round the past couple weeks trying to learn.  Purchased a Skywatcher 8" Dobsonian 1200 mm recently.  After literally 60-plus hours reading what I could to grasp the basics (I don't know if my eyes will work to check through the telescope) I have the energy to search for answers-so I will just ask, as you appear to be a wonderful group.
I had been only looking for some clarification on 2" eyepieces with the broad and ultra-wide AFOV at greater forces.  Apart from money, is there any disadvantage to these?  I had been thinking about picking up Owl Astronomy's15 millimeter Ultra-Wide Angle - 2 inch.  Is there any advantage to 1.25" eyepieces?  Many thanks

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