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I made a thing.

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To complement my 10" dobsonian, I made a 4.5 incher from a Craigslist sourced Meade DS 114. Portability was the goal and I think I hit it out of the park. I will sand and paint it later, I'm leaving on a trip in a few days and just wanted it built.

Also, if anyone needs an equatorial mount, I have one now with no intention of using.

Let me know what yall think.Attached Thumbnails

Very nice. The mount reminds me of my 6" Dob in that you used PVC bearings and V shaped instead of circular notches in the side boards.

Elroy Stockton:
nice, I am building the same, thing. I have the base built. Just waiting on the tube. It is hard to find a local tube that isn't way over priced and not 40 miles away.

nice job, well done! let us know how it works....

As they say in Texas, "That'll work!" Good luck and happy hunting!!!



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