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Afternoon... new here. . .and I'm sure by asking...I am now... That Guy!!
But here goes...
Been reading and researching for quite some time.
Looking for a range for Astro and visual... and yes. .  Planetary and heavy... more deep I presume.

I have a CGEM II mount and learning quite a bit with this...
Very good friend has loaned a little bit of gear to me to find out what I want to perform....  On top of things I've dabbled with over recent years.

WO Megrez 80 II and also have fun with this... both visual and Tons of prime astro together with my D5100

Been using a Meade SN10 tubing and learned quite a bit with this as well...
Collimating isn't really a big deal if you take own time...

Was looking to receive my own 10" Newton... but looks noone creates a Schmidt Newton like the SN10 any longer...
Will a standard newton be sufficient... even with a coma corrector?

Other direction is just one of those couple of 190mm Maksutov-Newts that are available here from the States...
Slightly higher F ratio therefore looks a good balance between visual and astro...
Would love to remain on the lower end of F ratio so I can use slightly shorter exposures occasions...

So. .   Are the current Newtonians like the Orion 10" F3.9 even with a coma corrector likely to be OK in the long term, or would the Mak-Newt be a brighter option at this point?


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