Author Topic: Nikon 7-21mm Zoom (15-45X / 20-60X) eyepiece for the cost of a no name junk zoom  (Read 29148 times)


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I have been looking for a good zoom eyepiece on a budget for a while and this tiny gem popped up.  Yep, thats a real Nikon 7-21mm zoom eyepiece for the same price, or less, of a cheap no name zoom.  Plus it'sfrom a brick and mortarauthorized Nikon dealer. While it is not quite as desirable since the MCII, it is an excellent zoom using a 40-60 FOV that initially sold for #130 back in 2006(search for "15-45X" in the connected official Nikon cost list from 2006).  I personally examined it and found it far better than some of the funding Plossls (Gosky, Sbvony, etc) I have laying around and ought to give the Meade and Celestron zooms a run for their money.

I will say you'll have to find/make a 1.25" adapter but there is a couple threads on the best way to do this on CN and elsewhere.  Despite creating an adapter, you still get a very nice zoom for under used Celestron or Meade zoom.
It is cousin as assessed by Cloudy Nightsand detailed images of the EP that's being marketed.

Clear skies and decent equipment on a pocket alter budget.Disclaimer
I am certainly not linked to the vendor or getting something for posting this.  While I had been thinking about picking up another EP for later when I could afford it, I figured that the community could be better served by letting everybody know about it.