Author Topic: 8" dob in bright city enough?  (Read 12207 times)


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8" dob in bright city enough?
« on: December 24, 2017, 02:59:37 AM »
Hi guys, I recently bought myself a Orion xt8 plus, after reading countless reviews where people attest to its reliability, endurance, and general observing quality for a newcomer.  Now, after observing for a few nights, I have come upon a realization: I love DSO's... like a lot.  Personally, I really don't get the hubbub around planetary observing, and I rather like trying to see as far out into space as you can observe nebulae and galaxies and such.

Now, because of my issue: I can't see many.  Sure, I have see the usuals: Great Nebula in Orion, the Andromeda Galaxy, and the Ring nebula.  But, they are not that great views, usually fairly dim and hard to find, in spite of these bright ones.  So, I come here to CN with an issue: am I being overly selfish, is the night sky where I live (Portland, OR) overly bright?  Or, am I just bad at finding things?  I am using a 28mm Orion Deepview eyepiece mostly.  I am simply curious to see whether my 'scope is the right one for the situation, and if anyone has any suggestions for DSO observing from town, whether it is even possible.  Thank you Beforehand!