Author Topic: Old Tired Eyes, Cheap Eypieces, Factory Made Telescopes, Seeing Conditions and e  (Read 48979 times)


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I would like to preface this - I have the gamut of scopes - a 8 inch Celestron C8 classic Orange tube , a 10 inch orion Dobson , a Meade 90 millimeter refractor goto , and last but not least a 4.5 reflector on a nice german eq mount - I read about people who have zambuto mirrors that have particular strehl ratios and ooh and ahhh about being able to go to 300x magnification-my question to you with more expertise - I cant seem to go above 120X or even 150X in magnification without things going tender.  Chasing perfect scope I could do - but ultimately where or what can I fix - my eyes are 55 years old - I don't see quite good - I do not believe I could enhance my C8, on the refractor I cant enhance it - but what I could change is that the 10 inch orion Dobson - it's factory created - is it worth getting the 10 inch mirror refigured , do it improve my lot in life ?  What about the secondary - how important or quantam leap is a secondary with 99% reflectivity and created from quartz will improve my lot in life?
Is a 500 dollar eyepiece going to significantly enhance my views ?  Inquiring minds wish to know...


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