Author Topic: What resources does the community know about to teach a 5-6 year-old about optic  (Read 77 times)


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Hi CN community again,

I have a son who will soon turn 5. I was planning on introducing him to the wonderful world of astronomy, and thought that it would be a wonderful way to also learn about optics. Does anyone in the community have experience with introducing kids this age to how these things actually work (I mean telelscopes etc.). What resources have you found to be useful for discussion of such topics?Update 2016-04-03:

Since I had the question in the beginning, I started looking as well. The wonderful world of the internet means that someone has thought of these things before and so ideas can spread quickly. Following, I am listing some sites I have found that may be useful for other parents who may do the same: That is to say leisurely and playfully teach optics to kids.

Websites with optics material for kids:

Khanh Academy:
This guy has never disappointed me. Hi is really good in explaining things.

Michael Biezen:
More traditional lectures which I am not sure is too kid friendly but IS cool refresher material for the grown-up kids.