Author Topic: Xt10i or xt10g  (Read 1637 times)


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Re: Xt10i or xt10g
« Reply #30 on: February 09, 2018, 09:20:57 AM »
IMO there are huge benefits visually at to have both tracking and 'goto'.  Far from 'gee-whiz' type gadgetry it accomplishes it's goals handily. It's not just good for Dob's. Most all my SCt's post late 90's had it and it isn't new, just new to consumer price Dob's.  I greatly prefer it to a Newt on a GEM mount (as for eye placement unless you have rotating rings)  When I do outreach or share the scope with folks, it's great to have the object a good magnification and know that when someone else looks it's still in the best part of the eyepiece.  Sharing with several folks each take their time.  High mag viewing planets at one end or objects like M27 or M81/82 this goes at least double.  It's possible to see a lot and see it well, you can relax and enjoy the view.  I think for beginners it's a fantastic learning tool that rewards it's investment immediately.

Thank you for the confirmation!!