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Edmund 8mm RKE vs Televue 8mm Plossl

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Mayur Wilson:
150mm at f/8, 1200mm focal length, will be also used with the Televue 1.25" 2X barlow on the Moon, Saturn and Mars.  Which will win??  I'm ready to throw down but the clouds are not cooperating, I have recently ventured into TV Plossl land and I have been absolutely thrilled with the results, coupled with the TV 2X barlow and 2X Powermate the TV Plossl has won me over using them with my TMB 92SS and 6inch f/8 Dob.   I decided to compare as critically as I can the Plossl's to the RKE and some Ortho's I have.   So while I'm waiting for the clouds to give what do you think??  Big difference?? no difference?? wasting my time ??

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And before someone yells Delos!! lets throw this into the mix.

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Jeremy George: of the few I don't own Though I would be interested in hearing about them. I'm not sure I want to get them based on eye relief. Maybe talk to that on the plossl and RKE.I love both lines of eyepieces! We need more throwdowns on this site!! There are some really good past ones in the review section though.

Ligon Payton:
Dont have the RKE so I cant comment on that one.However you will get some vignetting with the Televue 8mm Plossl when used with the standard Televue 2x barlow.With the TV plossls, best to use the powermates.

Eric Mannasseh:
Not a waste of time to me because I don't have to do the work, just read the results.  I say proceed  .


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