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ES62 5.5mm vs. DeLite 5mm?

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Marquise Nation:
I've still not seen a direct comparison report of these and with the ES sale on this month I'm interested in any opinions. It's not a focal length I use a lot so the ES might do but I'm willing to pony up for the DeLite if there's enough of a difference. This is mostly for lunar and planetary.

There is actually a whole thread about the ES 62 degree line, but the general consensus is they are similar to Meade’s 5000 plossl line of eyepieces.

That being said the ES is not quite the full 62 degrees and only has ~ 13mm of ER. The Delite on the other hand has the full 62 degrees and 20mm of ER. There are a number of good reviews of the ES 5.5 so I don’t think you’d be disappointed.

If you’re an eye glass wearer who is dead set on the full 62 degrees you’d want the Delite, if you’re happy without glasses and close but not quite 62 degrees works for you, you should be fine with the ES.

On the last page of the ES 62 thread Myriam has an extensive review of the ES 5.5.

Throw the 5.5mm Meade UWA into the mix.


Wait. ES62 9mm and 5.5mm are a new project. All the other ES62s seem a Meade Plossl 5000 rebrand.

Cesar Norris:
+1 Meade 5.5uwa. Also a "new project", I am blown away by this eyepiece!
I briefly had the 26mm 5000 plossl, but replaced it with the 24swa. The shorter focal length 5000 plossls did not impress me nor were they long eye relief by any stretch. I have not yet seen es62s.
The 5.5uwa is something special, held its own next to 7t6 in my f5.4 apo. Even a tad more eye relief than the type 6. And a well corrected and bright image. M42 at 98x in blue zone skies was amazing in that EP and the lunar views in pronto and 4" 9.8 achro was amazing as well.


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