Author Topic: Nexstar Evolution 8 Using with Baader Click Lock Visual Back and 2" WO Durabrigh  (Read 163 times)

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I Am considering a Baader Click-Lock visual back for the Nextstar Evolution 8

I have a William Optics Dura-Bright 2" Diagaonal which came with all the direct thread-on adapter for my own SCT..This provides the maximum mount clearance, but it also does not permit for adjust-ability of the diagonal.  The good thing is my Dura-Bright diag also came with a conventional nosepiece

I've been seeing a lot of articles about the Baader Clicklock 2" visual back.  It looks like it would provide easy adjust-ability and a good solid foundation for my diagonal, but my concern is how much reduction of clearance would I have?

Does anyone have any photos of mount clearance using a 2" diag.  On an 8" Evolution with a Baader Go Lock?

I understand the 9.25 had mount clearance issues, but right now I've quite a bit of clearance using my 2" diag with the direct thread on adapter