Author Topic: 82° Vs 100° AFOV  (Read 148 times)

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82° Vs 100° AFOV
« on: December 25, 2017, 09:03:32 AM »
Lately I have noticed that I favor the "framing" of my Nagler 31mm to my Ethos eyepieces.

Parenthesis: FYI I recently sold my E21 / 13 / 8 and obtained the E17, and I've got the Leica Zoom so I am pretty well coated magnification wise

I cannot receive the whole FOV of the Ethos at one go, though it's very easy for me to "look around" by simply moving my head or my eyes, to take at the parts I cannot see immediately.  However with all the Nagler, I can observe the whole 82?? FOV.

Now, "space walk" feeling isn't feeling like you're looking out of a window (no matter how big it can be), but to feel that there is no window.  The Ethos layout excels there.  However, recently I feel that I enjoy looking out of a window - a largish one in the with 82?? AFOV but nevertheless observable as a "window" - because I feel as I have a much better frame of reference concerning the FOV I am searching.  Perhaps I am not describing it well, but this is how I perceive it.

I am receiving in a few times a Nagler 22T4.  I wanted to try the T4 range and on my refractor (D: 128M, FL: 1,040mm) it should function well.  I distinctly remember the FOV of the E21, and I have the E17 handy to compare re "window, no window" and when I enjoy the N22T4, I will likely sell the E17 and receive the N17 and N12 - just to have the range.

After this admittedly lengthy comment on 82?? Vs 100??, am I the only one who feels like that, or are there more of you out there?  Am I committing some type of eyepiece sacrilege by considering narrower FOV?  Do I need professional help and medicine, or is that a normal "affliction" and is determined by comfort level?

FYI since getting in this hobby, I was always using Ethos eyepieces within my "largish" scopes except for the N31T5 that's 82??.  This could be the fault of a Pan24 that I use with my 3" refractor to keep down the weight - that eyepiece being quite comfortable even at 68??.

Comments / feedback most welcome, especially on the functioning of the T4 range in long focal length refractors, why you enjoy yours / come back to this layout, issues with them, pros and cons etc..