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Wedding proposal: A customised illuminated reticle eyepiece?

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Hi all,

I am hoping to propose to my girlfriend by writing the question in the sky through my telescope while we're out stargazing. I have seen that other people have printed solid-text messages on a regular eyepiece and then used the moon to illuminate it. I would rather not be restricted by a full moon, and would prefer to use an illuminated eyepiece, so she can be looking at something like the Orion Nebula and then turn on the message (or something like this).

So my question is whether there is somewhere or somehow I can get a custom message engraved in an illuminated eyepiece. I have seen homemade custom jobs, but I don't trust myself with this in order to save some money. I wouldn't mind spending some money on a higher-quality job and something we can keep as a reminder.

Any suggestions? I'm open to ideas for other methods if you have any too.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: I am located in Australia

Darkz Tousa:

I do not know your location so I can't recommend anything close to you, but do a google search "glass engraving services" + your country and you will get a ton of hits.

Here's one for example in the UK, one in Australia, one in Canada and a ton of them in the USA.

Good luck and I hope you keep us all in the know about how this folds out

P.S. Here's a couple of choices re illuminated reticle eyepieces:this or this. Important to pick one where you can focus the reticle as well.

Hi Nick,

Thanks, I'm in Australia.

Good idea just going to a glass engraver separately, but what glass would I actually be engraving? As far as I understand it, the engraved glass in the illuminated eyepiece is on the inside, and would already have a crosshair or something engraved into it, yes? Can this be easily removed and replaced by another piece of glass without spoiling the optics, or would I have to just do the engraving over the crosshair on the existing piece?

Nathan Harper:
Hi PulsarAstronomer,

I would expect the reticle bit to be a flat glass so it would have to be removed and replaced. Otherwise, you have a circle split in 4 quarters and you can spell something in each quarter of the circle. It's 4 magic words anyway, "Will you marry me?" and fits perfectly. BUT, I recommend you get 2 eyepieces, one for disassembly and test run and one as a backup in case something does not work out with the first one.

As an idea, make the letters really thin and sharp and not overtly big, plonk the eyepiece in the focuser and defocus the reticle completely. Then lie through your teeth that you can't get it to focus and get your girlfriend to focus it for you and sucker her in. As she is trying to focus, I hope you have the champagne and 2 glasses ready for her

I STRONGLY suggest you also get a Go Pro or something similar, put a couple of red lights to illuminate the area and film the whole thing

Good stuff, thanks for the suggestions! I definitely plan to film the thing and have some photography equipment ready too

Do you know how simple it is to remove the glass from these things? Are any brands or models easier to take apart and reassemble than others?

...And I guess if I keep the crosshair piece and just engrave over it, the eyepiece can still be useful to me for alignment!


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