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Why did you sell your Ethos?

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I've been browsing around the CN classifieds and other places, and it seems that there is quite a used market for the Ethos eyepieces out there. They are selling for maybe <strike>60</strike> 75% of retail, and one or two come up for resale per week. I'm trying to reconcile that with the glowing reviews that some people have of them. Clearly some folks dearly love their ultra-widefield Ethos eyepieces. For those who sold them off, why did you?

I don't ask in the sense of "how could you do that!!??", but in the genuinely curious sense of "I was thinking of getting one, and need to know the counterpoints."


Good question, I was wondering myself. I'm not selling mine, I find them comfortable and "immersive."

A few of the folks I asked that question of gave answers like... I'm going into EAA... I'm retiring out of the hobby...

I'm not sure I've seen too ma 60% below retail for used... most I see are about 75%... and TV sometimes does about 10% on sale...

Levi Cruse:
I had several but ended up selling them primarily because my time spent in this hobby is really rather limited. I've not had one night out this year!

It was sort of nagging at me, having all the $$ tied up without getting any enjoyment out of them.


I've re-bought just about all that I had because I realized that these really are (or can be) lifetime eyepieces. I really can't find any eyepiece (and I've had just about all of them) that provides anything for me that these don't.

A guess...

100 degrees is something everyone who can afford it would like to try, but some will love 100 degrees and not want anything else while others find 100 degrees less comfortable. It is less comfortable due to less eye relief or having to move your eye around to see the entire field of view. It is a lot of money to have tied up in eyepieces if they don't love them so they sell.

I have the Ethos and like them but I prefer using other eyepieces more often.


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