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Arizona Sky Village - Anyone Been There?

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Charles Marin:
Given that I am plagued by the terrible light pollution in Northern Virginia, just outside of DC, I've been thinking about heading out to Arizona Sky Village and renting one of the homes there for several nights. Has anyone been there?  What would be the best time of year to go?  I've read that there is a monsoon season.Thanks for your thoughts!

I'm interested too.  I believe the same development partnership has a new dark sky development underway just across the AZ-NM border newt Sky Village.  I don't know the status of that development, though, and the developer's website hasn't been updated recently and is singularly uninformative.Renting would be a first step in assessing longer term suitability of the general region for an astro-vacation home.- Jim

A simple search will reveal a number of real estate developments across the South Texas, all of New Mexico and Arizona.  All have roughly the same monsoon season that begins in June and lasts until perhaps mid-August.  The summers vary from mild to blazing and winters from temperate to arctic.  The key to which is which is elevation.  However, in my opinion a visit to any of them during September, October or November is likely to be very pleasant.  The availability of rental homes is likely to be variable.  Most of these places have not been set up with rentals in mind. I'd try contacting several to see what, if anything, they have available

Joel Cahill:
You are chasing my dream. . . .

Todd Topcic:
I'm sure you've found the  Clear Sky Map Click on the LIght Pollution and Topo Maps. If there is ANY negative to the site, it is that the Mountains cause a bit of turbulence over the village. I haven't been in the Village but have camped and observed from the general location. Our Monsoon runs from end of June through mid Sept. Oct through May temps are moderate, the atmosphere is dry, any storms generally passing in a day or so. If you also like to hike, are into birding, biology and/or related Sciences, you may not get any sleep.


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