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Australia or New Zealand for an observing vacation?

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Roberto Betancourt:
Wish I had the time and funds to visit both but I don't, so your remarks are welcome.

def NZ

we have some of the best skies in the southern hemisphere.

South Island and come when in our autumn or winter when the nights are long and dark ..

We get some icy nights and the skies are just amazing

When your not observing theres loads to see and do

Great friendly tourist destination too

We have the amazing Mount John observatory too at Tekapo

Observing at night and ski/hotpools during the day
​Can't be beat
​get booking - I can help if you need some contacts



I'd choose NZ for the scenery in the daytime and stargaze all night. Sleep on the plane home.

NZ is farther south, easier to get around in (being small), and lacks any venomous animals. I imagine the interior of Australia might be more predictably clear, but parts of the South Island are pretty dry and clear too.

Yep, NZ all the way

Not to disrespect Australia, but it is soooo large to get around in !


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