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Nick Nisianakis:
Of a clear... Christmas....
Tonight is the only clear night for a while and the Moon is 99% full. All of the sunny days in the forecast have cloudy or snowy nights.


Charlie Collins:
Looks like you'll be getting a White Christmas.

Bing Crosby sang it and it's credited with being the most successful single of all time with 50 million copies sold.


Jerry Gilbert:
Just like the clear ones I use to know....LOL I can relate my lensfriend.

Where the tree-tops glisten?

Look at it this way,Augustus. It's a weather forecast. Therefore it has a 50% chance of being wrong.

I once went on a tour of a national weather station. Interesting. They had tons of computers with big monitors. Each had a map with dozens of colors showing different conditions - temp, rain, humidity, pressure, wind, traffic...anything you could think of.

The thing was, the colors were so close together I couldn't imagine how they could tell the difference.

When they were done their speal, and said 'that's basically how we forecast the weather,' me being the smart a$$ I am, pointed to a large window and said, "And if all else fails, you just look out the window to see what's happening!"

The tourists liked the little joke and even the staff laughed, but it was an obvious forced laugh!

I was never invited back.


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