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Locations with generally clear skies and cooler temperatures

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Bobby Cruz:
So I'm considering moving from Indiana after I retire to somewhere the skies are generally clearer with less light pollution.
Of course I've considered Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, but I am concerned that I'm not going to like the warmer summer temperatures that come with the territory.

Are there locations that I have not considered (in the US) that are more temperate and still have clear unpolluted skies? There are several retirement financial considerations that need to be addressed, but if I just consider temperature and clear skies, what other places are there that I am not considering?

Old Star Gazer

David Lipson:
The coastal range in California above the fog has tempered summer climate,, and lovely dark views. But remoteness, real estate prices, and protective 420 growers might be a minus considering retirement.

Randy Ott:
The higher elevation areas in AZ, NM and Texas would not be as warm. I live in Flagstaff, AZ at 7000 and we rarely get into the 90's. You will have to deal with snow. Then there is Prescott and Sedona which do not get much snow but are a little warmer in the summer. Or get 2 homes like many do and enjoy the best of both

I used to go to Star Hill Inn which is 20 miles north of Las Vegas, New Mexico, on the east edge of the Sangre de Christo mountains.  IIRC winter evenings will sometimes get below freezing but not very far. Spring, summer and fall are very pleasant day and night. Dark skies, too.... And not expensive real estate either....


Here in Alaska we can meet your dark skies needs ( at least in the winter!), but probably not your temperature window! Great Northern Lights though....☺☺☺


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