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new tablet and SkySafare pro

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I exclusively use my iPads at the Telescope with sky safari and I love it.

during the summer I use my son’s iPad mini, it has a rubber cover on it and when I am not using it the friction of the cover alllows me to place it face down on the tube as long as I am not looking at zenith. I find it is the perfect size to allow for quick use and still be big enough to easily see the information.

During the the winter though taking off my gloves to manipulate the screen will just get downright painful.

For the winter I bring out my iPad Pro which allows me the use of my Apple Pencil. It is to large to comfortably place on the tube for quick use but being able to manipulate the screen with the stylus means that I never have to take off my gloves. I can’t stress that enough if you go this route, it sounds like you observe in very cold conditions like I do and taking off the gloves will end your night very early. The Apple Pencil is the primary reason I bought an iPad Pro.  Also if you ever get into sketching the iPad Pro will allow this with procreate. I’ve attached a couple of my doodles but I’m still not very good yet.

sorry for the large picture size


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