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The Most impressive object that you have seen ?

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Johnny Jeep:
What's the most remarkable sight that you have ever noticed through a Telescope ?  and what Telescope was it?
Thank you for Sharing your experiences !

The neatest thing I have noticed was Omega Centauri through a C14 from South Florida.  The viewing was fantastic as I had ever seen.
My buddy had Omega in the eyepiece at a really large power.
It was so amazing, The Stars of this gossamer Glob literally looked like strings dangling from a loofah in most directions with all these stars visible, something I will NEVER forget !

Clear Skies !

The Egg Nebula through the 82" at the McDonald. It looked just like the hubble image.


Chad Shepard:
Venus through my own Super Space Conqueror. It looks just like the Mariner pictures but a bit smaller.

The Orion Nebula's trapezium through the 100" Hooker telescope at Mt. Wilson. The detail in the gas clouds was just amazing.

David Williams:
Hi, i am pretty new with my scope. Lot many things still await me to observe. However, with my limited experience i enjoyed the M31 most. I observed it with my GSO 8" Dob with ES 18 mm DSO killer. I could readily identify both M31 and M110 together. Regards


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