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Things people say to me at star parties

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Brandon Costello:
How did they fake the moon landings?

That can't really be; Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, etc. in your scope can it?

Have you been to the moon?

I can see 6 moons around Jupiter.

Can you really see planets without a telescope?

I am rarely the most knowledgable telescope owner at star parties but it really is fun to talk to people who come out
just to see what is up there. The questions and comments range from seemingly silly to thought provoking and complex.
I earn a living as a teacher and participating in a star party when a lot of folks who are just interested show up can be
at least as rewarding as teaching my students in school.

I hear all to often.. do you see those 3 starsDOWN toward theUPPER right ? and of course there is a star cluster in there with stars all over, I say, you have to be more specific.

Stanley Edwards:
At the last star a party a (newbie) asked me, what side of Saturn are we looking at. I replied... The LIT UP side, and the President of the club said. That's why we call Mark THE PROFESSOR.


--- Quote ---I like to tell them You can see the Earth tonight! And they all look up!!!

--- End quote ---
That's just cruel.

Where's the Moon? It's night, the Moon should be out!

What do you mean you can't see that constellation until morning? It's night, the stars should be out!


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