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Top things to obeserve in the sky

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As a newcomer to the hobby, I was wonder what is my top things to see first.  I've already seen all the Winter Trianglestars, the Orion nebula, Venus, and Jupiter but I am still fine with them being in your own lists.  I thinkwit would be a terrific idea for somebody like me to set a few goals for things I need to see as well as others who want a boost when they're stuck.

Tarence Allen:
So far my top five would go as follows:

5. The Winter Triangle
4. Venus
3. The Pleiades
2. The Orion Nebula
1. Jupiter

FYI, you don't have to leave a description if you don't want to.

Gregory Plummer:
What are your observing tools and conditions? It makes a big difference in what suggestions are appropriate.

How about the Andromeda galaxy? Or M81 and M82 near the Big Dipper?

Just from what you have seen with your equipment, you can leave what you saw it through next to the post if you want, but this list is mainly just to give people something to hopefully see.


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