Author Topic: 2013 - My gawd, it's full of spotlights?  (Read 189 times)


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2013 - My gawd, it's full of spotlights?
« on: December 24, 2017, 10:31:22 AM »
A couple of weeks back we had been in our kitchen and suddenly a very bright light came on.   We initially thought it was headlights from a car down the road, but then it didn't move for some time we had a closer look.   Turns out the neighbors house that's 400' away and DOWNHILL out of us had a crazy bright spotlight on and facing at us.One night that I was outside with my telescope and saw the light come on and illuminate each tree I have and reflect off my house walls.   My telescope and I had been casting a shadow on my garage!   Far from ideal conditions!After a couple of weeks of this I decided I had to do something.   So I went down to speak to them (day after Thanksgiving actually) and was really considerate.   I inquired if they had a brand new spotlight and when they'd had security issues (we are in a really safe neighborhood).   Turns out they'd their painter steal things from their garage.   Then the husband got worried and decided to install motion lights on either side of the house.   I explained to her the lights were actually pointing up and so were light up my son's bedroom so that he could not sleep.   She was surprised they were on all night as they should just be movement lights.   I showed her how they are so far pointed up that the light up the cap of the telephone pole just across the street from her house.She was very nice and said she'd turn it off straight away and till they had a chance to look at them.   A couple of days after the lights were back on, but they had been pointed waaaay down, so much so today they just seem like normal garage lighting.   We do not even notice them.   My wife debated back and forth whether they were on or maybe not! *WHEW*Obviously we're also concerned about the new neighbors who are building a new house on the opposite side of us.   They are already pretentious and very "set in their ways".   If they choose to have horrible lights I doubt they'll be accommodating.    Not awaiting it!But one battle at one time.