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Jairo Zilinskas:
Wife & I are making our first trip to Arizona in April to sight-see and check out potential towns to re-locate from Connecticut.  Any ideas on good and not good towns/areas to do Astronomy(visual/imaging)? If we leave here to lower the cost of living, I'd like to spend more nights under the stars instead of under the roof!  Thanks

Are you looking for low desert(hot, and I mean really hot Summers), 4 seasons high desert, or high altitude mountain regions? This State has it all.

Thanks for the reply.  Not a desert person, nor interested in Cold/Snow(we already have that here), so I guess 4 seasons high desert. Of course, I have no ideas how hot/cold the 4 seasons get-just taking a guess.

Jeremy Kelley:
Check New Mexico instead.  They've started an astronomy village/community between Deming and Silver City....

Isaac Griffin:
Try high desert in NW Arizona. Kingman, Seligman, Ash Fork, Williams. All small towns. Kingman has the hospital. The farther East you go the higher, and therefore cooler, it gets. Flagstaff is about 7000' elevation, averages 108" of snow annually. Kingman about 3500' elevation and 0.1" of snow. Kingman; Winter: days; usually mid 50's to high 60's, nights; upper 30's to low 40's. Summer: days; high 90's with 5% humidity, nights; mid 60's. June 15 to Sept. 15 can be rainy at times, maybe 6 thunderstorms (depending on where you are) per summer. Anywhere along the river is low elevation and hotter than H--- in the summer.PM for more info.


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