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Couple Sued For Complaining About Electronic Billboard

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Do not know if this was posted here; I have not noticed any links on it.

The couple initially requested to have the billboard turned away at night, and were promptly told "no"

A petition of service (FWIW) for the Colbergs are available here:http://org.salsalabs...ction_KEY=16976

Cleo Wickware:
The link was the first time I've actually witnessed these billboards.

A fantastic way to market, undoubtedly.

The reason why we allow such things, beyond the apparent motives of graft is beyond me.

Rahul Sanders:
The CEO of the billboard company should be made have one outside his/her own home !

This bears close watching; much could be riding upon the outcome.

The only comment that I'd care to make before having a closer look at the matter is that in my opinion the defendants erred in failing to take prompt legal action aimed at mitigation of/relief from a nuisance, i.e. light trespass, choosing instead to contact the advertisers over a period of time to voice their complaints regardingthe billboard. Of course, they have every right to peacefully voice their concerns to those purchasing space, but that will not prevent a lawsuit if a court finds that the advertising company has standing, which it apparently has so determined.

I think the sign company made a mistake with the lawsuit, especially if it ends up going in front of a jury.

I just did a search and found their company on line and sent them a message through their contact mechanism.


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