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Fracking & Light Pollution in PA

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Mark Dominguez:

Toward the end of this two minute movie, an ugly view, looking east from Cherry Springs.

Then there is the Chicago-sized lighting dome in North Dakota:


Fracking Light Pollution (pun intended) is not just a problem in PA.  Colorado is being overrun by Fracking oil companies; they put one Fracking well within 1/2 mile of our Astro Society's Dark Site....Lit the dark site up like a Christmas tree, you could read your star charts without any lights.   And now, people are on TV News setting their kitchen/bathroom faucets on fire.......

There have currently been around 2 to 3 thousand frack wells drilled in PA, somewhere between 30 and 60 in Potter County (66 approved permits), which has Cherry Springs International Dark Sky Park.The plan, for the next 50 years, is to drill 140,000 gas wells in PA. BTW, they have to re-frack the wells every 3 years or so to keep the gas flowing. They have to create the gas lines and pumping stations to get the gas out of all of these wells. They light the pumping stations for ‘security’. Welcome to the future.At least the state owns much of the land around CSSP, and the drill rights for much of the private land in the area within 10 miles of the park. They are trying to buy up the drilling rights on the remainder. They plan on not allowing drilling in the immediate vicinity of the park.

Just read an article here in CO and the people are fighting further fracking in many locals...

Jairo Zilinskas:
For the background on what is happening in N. Dakota, see:


According to the World Bank, the US has moved to fifth place in gas flame luminance (after Russia, Iran, etc). Gas flaming also pumps more carbon dioxide in the air, of course. In MHO, the IDA has not paid sufficient attention to this issue. We have already lost two dark areas in Wyoming--the NE corner and the Upper Green River Basin. The high rent Eastern press is filled with stories of no housing in Wyoming, the coming huge problems in Utah and Colorado, etc. in addition to the disaster in N. Dakota. The issue cuts across the usual political lines and it will be a formidable foe. Almost everything is on the side fracking: money for framers and ranchers, big money are business, tax monies for some states, energy independence, major job production (it is virtually impossible to be unemployed in N. Dakota or Wyoming)... The only groups who seem concerned are astronomers, a few environmentalists, and social workers. And for those considering retirement to the Four Corner area--take a close look at the new light pollution maps. Grim.

This is worthy of attention for all those who love dark skies.

Dark skies.



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