Author Topic: Ick, security light a few hundred feet down my driveway has been replaced with a  (Read 184 times)

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Out where I live I have a very long driveway, 1630 feet to be exact (found out as it was regraveled and graded), and there's a safety light a few hundred feet from my house.  Between the trees and it having an old style one it really didn't hinder and that I could still see the MW and even Andromeda from my lawn.  We had some severe storms come through last Friday and they shot the rod which had the transformer and the safety light down, and so they replaced that, plus they put an LED one on.  My lawn is lit well enough to roam outside at night from that far away.  Ugh, I wonder how difficult it would be to put in a shield which I could send up once I am using my gear at the front yard.