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If you could live anywhere in the US for the darkest skies?

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If it where me it would be in Portal Arizona where it's reported to have the best weather and dark skies in the US
How about you?

I wouldn't move *anywhere* just for dark skies. Good to excellent seeing has to also be a part of the equation, and probably the more southern sky available, the better. Lots of clear nights would also be important.

If it's just "dark" as the quest,I might as well stay right at my camp on Indian Lake NY - SQM readings of 21.75 are typical (shows as a gray zone on CSC). Of course right now I'd be observing in 2 feet of snow on the one clear night in the next 4 weeks, with a temp of around zero..... or lower.

But for all around observing conditions, I'd live in Hawaii - someplace closetoMauna Kea, for easy access to the Keck visitor's center observing area. Or maybe the US Virgin Islands, observing from the one that is mostly national park land.

I would live on the Big Island. Somewhere between South Point and Palaha. Dark sky and warm weather at night. Dry climate.

Second choice would be east of Tucson.

I tend to agree with the views Tom Clark posted here on several threads. Unless you are a hermit, with no SO, and have few interests outside of dark sky astronomy, areas like the boot heel of NM are rather dreary places. Who wants to drive forty miles to buy gasoline or two hours for a meal at a ethnic restaurant?

Agree! I don't want to long drive to store or eat! I don't mind live in green or even blue zone in Midwest. All my travels to dark sky!


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