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The ultimate light pollution?

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James Przystup:

--- Quote ---Ok, some questions:

This is somethingbeing seriously undertaken?

This news site is somewhat of a tabloid in Britain, isn't it?

Does anyone know if there'san international treaty forbidding something like this? If something like this ever does get up there, what's next, panels to reflect sunlight to the Earth 24/7/365 so people don't need night-time?


--- End quote ---
I think that has been proposed before.

The prospect of that makes me positively ill.

Davione Boone:

--- Quote ---The prospect of that makes me positively ill.

--- End quote ---

Launch is four months away. Now is the time for everyone tosay something.

I want to punch the idiots who made this device.


Yay! Now amateur astronomy will be ruined forever!

John Wilson:
My oh my. What flippin' idiot dreamed this up?Is there no end to our stupidity? Can this be stopped?


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