Author Topic: 10 Micron mount playing up!  (Read 6788 times)

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10 Micron mount playing up!
« on: December 27, 2017, 02:32:35 PM »
Calling all 10Micron owners. Has anyone experienced the following issue and is there a way to stop it happening?

Tonight I turned on the mount and slewed to Arcturus to focus the scope. I noticed that Arcturus started off centered in the FOV but drifted at a constant rate in RA to the East. I checked that the mount was in Sidereal mode - it was. Then I noticed the hand controller was permanently displaying "<- A" on the bottom line (the newer multiline hand pad).

Reading the manual this symbol combination says that the autoguider port is slewing the mount - which in my case is odd as I don't have an autoguider camera connected! The port socket is empty.

Further more I checked the hand pad to see what the guider rate was - x0.5 sidereal. Indeed I could cancel the drift by setting a suitable counter slew rate and commanding the mount via the hand pad to slew in the reverse direction (West). Then the hand pad showed a constant RA position.What am I dealing with here? Anyone experience this issue before? The mount is just over a 1 year old and has performed flawlessly until tonight. Is this a firmware glitch that can be reset? Or is this likely a hardware fault with the autoguider port? I guess I might have to log this via the 10Micron support channel - I give it a few days to see if anyone has any suggestions first.

Thanks, Tony.

PS - this is a dup of the post I did on the 10Microm forum - but that place is normally glacial regarding responses - so also trying my luck here too