Author Topic: 3.5 minute unguide of M51 with CGX & ES127ED  (Read 5952 times)

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3.5 minute unguide of M51 with CGX & ES127ED
« on: December 24, 2017, 03:53:28 PM »
Had my CGX. ES80ED & ES127ED outside for the third time because I purchased it back just before Christmas of 2016.  I took 2 minutes unguide of M104 & M13 after 2+4 alignment - ASPA another 2+4 alignment after the ASPA.

Both M104 & M13 did not appear too bad so I took a 3.5 minutes unguide of M51 just to see how the CGX perform unguided together with the ES80ED, ES127ED sitting on top of it.

Below are the unprocessed pictures I upload to AstroBin this morning, I am still new with all the uploading items.  Please let know if there is better way to upload images