Author Topic: 4" Refractor Alt-Az Mount Suggestions  (Read 9016 times)

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4" Refractor Alt-Az Mount Suggestions
« on: December 27, 2017, 11:27:48 PM »
I recently bought my first 4" refractor, and I'm looking for mount suggestions. I had thought to try it on my Vixen Polaris that I got eons ago with my 60mm refractor, but I'm finding there is a lot of vibration whenever I touch it for any reason. I can count slowly to three before it settles again. I'm hoping to come up with something a bit more solid and stable. The other issue is the difficulty of pointing straight up without hitting the legs or some part of the mount.
For now, anyway, I'm looking only for manual alt-az. I've thought about the Vixen Porta II, the Twilight I, and the Astro-Tech Voyager (20, 18, and 18 pound capacity, respectively), but I'm concerned by the mixed reviews I'm reading.

I'm also looking at the Stellarvue M2 (25 pound capacity) with the pier extension. I also think the UniStar Deluxe (40 pound capacity!) would work great, but I'd have to get lucky enough to find one used. The DM-4 would be fantastic, but it's over my budget right now.

I have a strong preference for wood tripods over aluminum, and I recently purchased a nice used Oberwerk that I'm hoping to make use of.

Anybody have any comments on the ones I've mentioned so far, or any ideas I haven't thought of? The scope is a Vixen ED103S. It weighs around 11.6 pounds all together with the diagonal, an average eyepiece, finderscope, and dovetail. It is 37 inches long.