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I'm not going to vendor bash but you might want to buy from a dealer that has your desired item in their stock. If not you might be in for an undisclosed wait time.

Jeremy Fokused:
Sounds like this is something that applies to ANY vendor, and the buyer should verify. I just went to order an Orion accessory and prime was essentially the same price as getting from Orion. So I chose the amazon seller, got to the cart and it said my item would ship in the middle of November! The whole reason I chose prime is because I thought I would get it in two days. I then went with Orion to get it in 6 days

Frky Sherman:
True for many items from <strike>many</strike>all our vendors no matter how valued they are, i think. We are just a small niche market by any definition and there are no large modern factories running just in time pull systems to restore freshly depleted inventories to market demands.

I'm surprised as Anthony has always had the things I need in stock.

Sean Schaefer:
Me too I am very surprised being a past buyer many times over. I hope whatever outside situation caused this is temporary and I wish no ill will. I'm hesitant to say what has gone on since it might be construed as a TOS violation. But people have a right to know that something is up.


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