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I'm conflicted and need your help: iOptron or Losmandy

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I have an iOptron IEQ45 pro in my obs and I may have an opportunity to purchase a used GM811G. I'm not unhappy with the IEQ45, but I've heard lots of praise for Losmandy mounts over the years. I've also heard they can by finicky and higher maintenance. My use is guided AP. I'm seeking opinions. What to do?

Dave Jones:
I love my Gemini-2 and my GM8. The best part? When I break something or I just need advice, Scott and his crew are a phone call away and they're very good.

The losmandy community on Yahoo! Groups is really good too.

Oh, and Losmandy likes to make his stuff upgradeable. If I wanted to make my old GM8 into the new version with tucked in parts, I'd just have to buy some hardware and it'd work. You can't do that with Ioptron.

And don't look at the threads of people having trouble. Often times people seem to cut their teeth on the chinese mounts and then think they're more mechanical than they are when they get their GM8/11. They start tinkering, and that is the root cause of their issues.

As an example,Hilmi had several long threads about his G11. It turned out ultimately that he had just got it out of wack and couldn't get it back. He shipped it back to Losmandy, got the same mount back, and it was fine.

Oh, and American. They're beautifully machined, well thought out... If you can't afford AP, it's the best you can do.

Good luck,

Having owned examples of both I have no real complaints with Ioptron. That said its really no contest. Losmandy wins hands down.

Seems a sideways move, unless your iEQ45 is not working correctly and you are throwing away subs.

I just got my 811g and its pretty nice. I also looked at the CEM60 which is cheaper. The one thing I thought might have been useful with the CEM60 was the heated HC. The one thing that turned me off about the CEM60 was how the worms work and from many sources I heard they are tough to get used to.

Balancing on the 811g is super easy, the axis move with your finger when the clutches are loosened. You can connect with ethernet or usb and I use the usb connection to point the scope with Stellarium.

At the end of the day I see Losmandy mounts going up for sale that are 20 years old, people are still getting $2000+ for the mount after 20 years. The resale value speaks the most to me. I would like my mount to last for about 30 years and I think the 811g just might do it.


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