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I Recently bought a new Losmandy G11 mount. I had been looking for some stainless steel counterweights but Robin Cassidy stopped selling them. Then I found a recent post about Stellar Masses stainless steel counterweights here on Cloudy Nights. So I looked at their website, but there was no Phone number and that made me suspicious. But it has a contact section and I sent him a message asking how long will it take for a Losmandy counterweight but I got no reply right away. So I Just ordered one. and a couple of days later he replied to my message only saying "As of now, about 3 weeks." So I ordered a second one. After about 4 or 5 weeks I nicely emailed him asking about my order. No reply. I have also sent several nice polite emails and messages through his contact form on his website. and now through his Cloudy Nights Vendors messages. It has been 7 weeks for the first one and 6 weeks for the second one ordered. I have not received any counterweights, I have not received any refunds(I don't want a refund though, I want my counterweights), There is no way to call him and he has not called me, And he has not replied to any of my emails. It has been over twice as long as he stated it would take and he wont even give me an explanation or even an excuse. Or even tell me that he's working on it and it will be coming soon, nothing.  I am rather poor and I save all my spare money just for telescoping stuff. I have paid out $329.90 to him for 2 counterweights shipped. That is a lot of money for me. I am very worried, I have never seen a business run like this in my life. Will I ever get my counterweights.

Does anyone know anything about this guy, like his Phone number. Is he even in business anymore. I don't think this website is a scam, or at least I pray it's not. I'm sure plenty of people will say they got theirs in the past but has anyone else ordered any recently and did you get yours.


Paul Cobb:
Is this the ad which you responded to? https://www.cloudyni...ounter-weights/

I've ordered three over the last couple years and it can take a while, but he's always come through. It's not a scam...or never was a scam.

Cleo Wickware:
No, that is from someone selling some of their counterweights. I had seen a recent post asking about Stellar Masses by Chris Cook and only 2 people replied including NMBob stating they had bought some from Stellar Masses in the past. In Chris's Post dated 16 March 2017 he included a link to the website for Stellar Masses and that is where I bought mine from.http://stellarmasses...m/t/losmandy
I can understand if he was late by a week or even 2 but it has been 4 weeks longer than he had stated to me that it would take. To me he should at least reply to one of my emails or messages letting me know something. He answered my initial request stating about 3 weeks.


Darn. That is troubling. I was just thinking about ordering like 35lbs to replace the stock weight for my CGE (uses the same 1.25" shaft). These seem like the best ones available. Maybe not now.



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