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Adam Martin:
Hey guys, sorry for this new post, but there's something that is confusing me, and maybe you can clarify my doubts.
Ive been thinking on buying a new mount for my Tak FSQ 106 ED , that i use on my Celestron Avx , and on top of my list, is the Tak EM 200 , but, i looked for a new one, wich is expensive, from my standards, and mostly, ive been looking on used market, and here's my question: there are several used EM 200 mounts on the market, in excellent condition, but, why there are so many? Is there a reason for this? Is it end of line of this mount? Problems with it?
What do you think? 😕

There were no EM200s available for many months on the used market when I bought mine. I waited half a year to find one. Strangely, at the time, there were multiple NJPs available, but those were too big for my needs.

Items seem to appear on the used market in clusters (whether that is statistically true or similar to the "buses arrive in threes" illusion, I don't know). Take advantage of it when the item you are looking for pops up!

Not all Takahashi EM 200s are the same. The USD model differs from the Temma Jr, and from the Temma 2 and Temma 2M. Pick the one that best fills your needs. They're beautiful machines!

Jwemes (NJP and EM200 Temma2)

Jacob Hernandez:
Hummm, now you got me thinking....
I know that there is different options for ths mount, but ive also heard that it's going to be replaced, in fact it was supposed to be replaced by the end of 2015. Dont know...

Cesar Rojas:
They have been on the market in an, almost, unchanged condition since 1989. As we've discussed here before, the mount performs well but is decidedly low-tech and people do "upgrade" to mounts that have more features. Unless buying one new is important to you from a philosophical standpoint, I'd firmly suggest buying a Takahashi mount used from a reputable seller. As Jwemes says, there are generational differences in the Temma electronics as well as the motors. This primarily affects slew speed (and associated input voltage) but it also affects the type of auto-guiding relay cable used (see if your software supports pulse-guide so you can skip the relay cable entirely), hand controller style and also the ability to shut down the tracking motors.

Although they work fine, it is probably better to avoid an EM-200 "Jr." Temma model if you have other options available for the same price. The Jr. model slews even slower and does not allow the tracking motor to be shut off in case some sort of "park" or "warm stop" feature is important at the end of an imaging run. The SkyX, for example, "rewinds" the Temma Jr. every few minutes to create the illusion of stopping the mount.

There is a new "Z" model arriving soon but it appears to be an "M" model with yet another auto-guide cable design and dark paint on the control panel that doesn't match the mount.


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