Author Topic: What are my options when using Celestrons ASPA and my view to the West is totall  (Read 76 times)

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I recently decided to go for it and purchased a Celestron AVX GEM mount as I had gotten about as much as I could out of using Alt-AZ mounts and short exposures. Unfortunately my preferred viewing location on my property has a limited view from North to South East and the view to the West is completely blocked by trees. When using calibration stars on the same side of the meridian as the stars I selected for alignment the GoTo seems to be fairly accurate but I still cannot get shots longer than 20 seconds if I'm lucky. The other night I could actually just about make out Arcturus through the trees and tried using that as a calibration start but I was way off and couldn't get a decent exposure longer than 5 seconds.

Any suggestions on how I can get a better polar alignment or what to do about calibrations stars? I am going to try setting up in my driveway weather permitting as I have a clearer view to the West there the only problem being I'm then surrounded by street lamps on both corners of my lot.

I attached an image of M31 taken with the new mount, 29 20 second exposures at 1600 ISO using an unmodified Canon 1000D and an Orion ED80 refractor for a 9 minute 40 second exposure. Still working on the processing skills. :-)