Author Topic: What Mount Should I Use For The Explore Scientific ED102 Apochromatic Refractor  (Read 78 times)


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So, this is a continuation from a topic that I posted about this refractor, the Explore Scientific ED102 APO. My one issue is that I need a good mount, I had decided on the Vixen Porta 2 but everyone else said that it would not work with this scope of around 13lbs with everything on it. My other options were the Orion VersaGo, and the... that was really my only other idea, I'd like to get a nice Alt/Az mount around $200 or so dollars and is should be able to carry at least 15lbs of weight. I have really only seen the VersaGo as a good option but I know I'm still cutting myself short so I would like your advice. Anyway, I would really appreciatesome advice and would love some suggestions for a good mount, I thank you for the help and look forward to learning more about the mount I will get.